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For more information on Creative Commons licenses, please visit the Creative Commons website!


What is Photos for Class?

Photos for Class is a safe for school search engine that pulls images from Pixabay, Flickr, the Library of Congress, and the British National Archives. Photos for Class hosts these images similarly to the way Google Image Search hosts images.


Who owns the photos?

We do not own the photos. You can always view the photo on Pixabay or Flickr, which will allow you to see who uploaded the images.


Can I use the photos for …?

Probably yes. The images pulled from Photos for Class will be automatically cited when you download them, and will let you know whether the image itself allows Creative Commons use. If you want to search only images that allow Creative Commons, check out Photos for Work. Images can be used in presentations or projects.

However, if you're looking to make a profit off of a specific image, you'll want to check the specific creative commons license for that image by viewing it on the site it came from. You may have to get in contact with the original owner of the image. We cannot authorize use of particular photos.


What if I find an image on Photos for Class that I think is inappropriate?

We have a "Report Photo" button below each photograph. If you believe a photo to be inappropriate for school use, click that button. The image will be removed from our search and reviewed by a human (in case someone jokingly reports a photo of an adorable dog taking a nap).