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Photos for Class – Reduced Results

On Friday February 8th, through the morning of February 14th we made the decision to turn off Photos for Class while we investigated an issue with our safety filters not working correctly.

At of Feb 14th we are turning back on Photos for Class, with less photos, but we believe a working filter.

We will continue to update as we have more information. Feel free to reach out to us at hello @

Aaron Sherman
Clever Prototypes, LLC – Founder and CEO
Feb 14, 2018

3 Ways to Add Photos for Class to Your Class Website

Since launching Photos for Class we have been blown away by the rapid success and the speed which teachers have added us to their resource pages. After discussing this with a few teachers we wanted to share 3 quick techniques to bring Photos for Class to your class.

Quick Link With a Logo

You can add a link to your class resources page by linking to To make it look nicer here are a few different size logos.



Add a Photos for Class Search Bar

Small Search Box

This is by far our favorite! With a few quick lines of code you can add a Photos for Class search bar right on your site!



Big Search Box



Install the Free Edmodo App

If you are lucky enough to be using Edmodo, you can install the Photos for Class FREE app straight from the Edmodo Store -